Utility tokens

Tokens that have utility and value serving as a way of exchange for trading items and improving your Galgos

One Galgo

One Galgo Token

Standard coins

Golden coin

Gold Coin

Silver coin

Silver Coin

Bronze coin

Bronze Coin

Iron coin

Limited Edition Coins

Puzzle Master Gold Coin

This is a limited edition coin that you earn by solving the Series Puzzle. There will be one design per Series puzzle and the quantity will be based on the number of puzzle masters. This coin is extremely rare.


Galgo Utility Tokens or GUT$ can be used to:
  • Get into pre-sales before official drops
  • Buy and trade items in the Galgo's shop
  • Pay for service fees during mutation (naming, attaching, detaching) and redeeming, and swapping.

How to get these fungible tokens

They can be obtained by different means:
  • Contests rewards
  • Giveaways/Airdrops
  • Collector's/holder rewards
  • Buying from the Galgo's shop

Conversion Rate Table

Equivalence in Galgo Tokens
Gold Puzzle Master
160 Galgo Tokens
Gold Coin
40 Galgo Tokens
Silver Coin
20 Galgo Tokens
Bronze Coin
10 Galgo Tokens
Iron Coin
5 Galgo Tokens