Keys that unlocks treasures chest and secret doors


While attached to a Galgo, it gains unlocking abilities

Types of keys

Black key

Works for treasure chests and secret doors locks. These are general purpose and the rarest. In general comes with your Galgo, sometimes hidden in the picture and shown in the traits, meaning you can't detach it. Although if it is an item it can be attached or detached into another NFT.
There are locks that can only be opened with black keys.

Golden key

Works for golden treasure chests, golden doors and locks.

Silver key

Silver key
Works for silver treasure chests, silver doors and locks.

Bronze Key

Bronze key
Works for bronze treasure chests, bronze doors and locks.

Iron Key

Iron key
The most simplest key. It works for iron treasure chest and iron doors locks.
All keys have a limited time of uses.

Number of uses when packed with a Galgo

  • Keys that are part of the traits can be used 8 times, non-detachable.
  • Keys that are items can come with 1 or 2 uses and can be attached or detached as needed.
These keys just work when packed with a Galgo. We count a use when you unlock something.
Each use will update the Galgo metadata, until reaching to 0 which in this case the item/trait is removed.

Blending functionality

You can turn one key into another by collecting and merging appropriately. The best key is the black one, and to produce it, you can blend the Gold + Silver + Bronze + Iron.
During blending, the number of uses that will apply will be the sum of the remaining users of the other keys.
It is also possible to produce a key from another with the use of coins. For example, a silver key can be obtained from an iron key and 4 silver coins.
Iron key + 4 silver coins = silver key

Multi-lock mechanism

There are situations that you will need multiple keys working together in combination or sequence. Just having one key will not work. In other words it is always good to collect all keys.