Galgo's functionality

General description about the functionality

Galgos with at-time of mint and detachable functionality

Some Galgos comes ready with some sort of functionality at the time of the mint. Galgos with special items in their traits come with additional functionality, for example, it can come with a black key. In general, if the item is in the traits it has more uses. There are situations that the item is part of the items property, in this case, this item can be detached into another NFT, traded separately or attach to another Galgo.

Naming a Galgo

Most of The Galgos characters comes with a given name though you can change it to whatever you like.
Some Galgos are unnamed, and that's on purpose. For collectors, this doesn't matter. But if you want to use its functionality, you must first give it a proper name. You know, a dog without a name does not respond to your commands.

Attaching Items

Galgos can evolve, as such you can attach items.
The items add value to your Galgo as they form an NFT bundle. Also, they add functionality that is required for some types of quests. If you don't have a Galgo proper for the quest, you could pack some items to prepare your Galgo for the adventure.
For example, if you have a golden key item as an NFT and a Galgo NFT with no key, you could send both to the mutation Service to obtain just one bundled NFT (Galgo + item).
Golden key + Galgo => Galgo with golden key attached in its items property.

Detaching Items

Galgos that has items in their metadata can be unpacked into a Galgo NFT and its items NFT. These NFT can be traded and used separately. For example, you can have a Galgo with a compass ready for a quest, but then you decide to trade the compass and the Galgo separately. This detaching mechanism allows you to split the value and functionality of your token as you think is best.
There are some special integrations where you can have a bundle of a Galgo + an item from another project. Unpacking will return your Galgo and the NFT from other projects. When exhausting the number of uses the item will be unpacked automatically and ignored on future intents of attachments.

Redeeming prizes and rewards through quests

There are some collecting quests that you must accomplish using Galgos with specific abilities and items. In general, after collecting the required items for the quest, you get in exchange another NFT that can unlock the prize. The unlocking could require some specific abilities or items, so you could trade the NFT for others to redeem the prize.

Smart-contract functionality

All of the described functionality will be provided by a set of smart contracts, code that runs on the blockchain to provide automated functionality. Users will interact with these smart contracts through a web browser.
We recommend using Nami wallet as it supports multiple asset transactions and the integration with our website. See​

List of quests

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