Treasure Chests

Mysterious and valuable treasure chests that can contain valuable and unexpected items.
Golden Treasure Chest
Silver Treasure Chest
Bronze treasure chest
Iron treasure chest


The treasure chests contains a randomized set of items. This items can be used to power up your Galgo, adding value and functionality. Items inside will be helpful for completing the quests.
To unlock these chests you will need a Galgo with a respective key. Only the black key opens all treasure chest types.
Treasure Chest Type
Opens With
Golden Treasure Chest
Golden Key / Black Key
Silver Treasure Chest
Silver Key / Black Key
Bronze Treasure Chest
Bronze Key / Black Key
Iron Treasure Chest
Iron Key / Black Key

Open a chest steps

  1. 1.
    Send a Galgo with attached key + treasure chest to the Redeem service
  2. 2.
    You obtain your Galgo back + the items inside the chest.
If the key used has a remaining use of 1, then you will get back a Galgo without the key.

How to obtain a treasure chest?

They can be obtained by giveaways, aidrdrops, on secondary market or Galgos' shop