Broken note

A mysterious hard to read broken note
Broken note part 1
Broken note part 2
Broken note part 3


It is a 3 parts and contains instructions on what to do next to complete the quest.

Quest steps

  1. 1.
    Collect the 3 parts
  2. 2.
    Collect the Lupe​
  3. 3.
    Send any Galgo + 3 Parts + Lupe to the Redeem Service
  4. 4.
    You will get back your Galgo and the complete note with instructions on how to proceed.
  5. 5.
    After completing the note instructions you will use the Redeem Service again to obtain the prize

Note types

Spell note

You will need a Galgo with magical abilities:
  • The Witch
  • Madame Razz
  • Shadow Weaver
  • Any Galgo with the book of spells packed in
The note will have instructions of what to collect to complete the quest.

Quest Rewards

A never seen epic, ultra-rare or rare Galgo, treasure chests or interesting items.